Burlington Free Press – Bohjalian: “Driven to distraction? Stop now”

joel (6)“…. I never met Casey. But I stared at a large photograph of her earlier this month at the DoubleTree Hotel in South Burlington, while her father, Joel spoke of her death — and what it is like as a parent to bury your child. Casey was killed by a distracted motorist….Her father and I were among nine speakers sharing different moments from our lives as a part of the Vermont Association for Justice’s “Cornerstone Stories.” Feldman’s story was especially powerful, not simply because of the eloquence and honesty with which he shared every parent’s most devastating nightmare, but because of how he and his wife Dianne Anderson chose to go on living. And part of that path forward was the creation of the organization, “End Distracted Driving” (EndDD) ….” [Read the full article by author, Chris Bohjalian here.]