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Distracted driving Research: Adults are the Problem, Teens are the Solution

​Despite the amplitude of warnings and cautionary billboards across U.S. highways that urge drivers to put down the phone while behind the wheel, a 2017 study found that 95.2% of surveyors who were young drivers participated in distracted driving behaviors. Today, distracted driving continues to pose a major threat to young people, as 16-19 year-olds are 3


Making the World’s Roads Safer With CMT Technology

As part of its mission to make safer drivers around the world, Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) is using the next wave of technology to tackle the distracted driving epidemic and save lives. Starting as an MIT project in 2004 and growing to be one of the world’s leading mobile telematics providers today, CMT has found


AAA Study: Distracted Driving May be Involved in More Teen Crashes Than Previously Thought – 58% Caused by Driver Distraction

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released the results from its most recent distracted driving study and the results are troubling. Quantifying the extent of the distracted driving problem has been difficult. There is no blood test for distracted driving and many folks just don’t admit they were distracted at the time of a crash.


Parents – Don’t buy your teen a cheap old car

Per mile driven, the rate of serious vehicle crashes, including fatal ones, involving teens remains tragically high — about three times higher than that for adults. Parents can help to avoid heartbreak by considering safety when choosing a vehicle for their teen. Consider the recent study which compiled relevant data regarding teen fatalities and vehicles