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Employers care about the safety of their employees. They are committed to keeping their employees safe and are hosting distracted driving presentations. Let us work with you to keep your employees safe.

“His comments, lessons and personal stories touched each person in the audience in a profound way, as he delivered powerful examples of the dangers at stake when we drive distracted. Joel offered to also graciously present to a local high school on the same day. He was engaging and interactive with the students and faculty, who expressed their deep appreciation for his important, life-saving messages, and for our company’s willingness to bring about the opportunity to hear such a dynamic speaker. Local news media covered the presentation and our sponsorship, and the event received positive public reviews. ” — Mike Mosher, President and CEO Central Hudson Utility Co., Poughkeepsie, NY.

Many experts in the field of personal development suggest that it takes 28 days to change a habit. In the case of Joel Feldman’s presentation on Distracted Driving— it took less than 28 minutes to change my driving habits. His discussion was not only moving and thought provoking, but his sincerity and passion convinced me to change my driving habits, which I never realized were nothing short of criminal, to ones with which I could live (literally). — Dave Winoski, Project Engineer, Jacobs Construction Co.

Green Mountain Power recently asked Joel to come speak to 80 of our leaders at an offsite about safety over a week ago and the results of that talk have sent reverberations through this organization that have gone deep in a very meaningful way. It is the first presentation that I have ever witnessed really rapidly moving people into action and behavior change, the toughest part of any culture change. —Mary Powell, CEO, Green Mountain Power, Montpelier, Vermont

Featured Distracted Driving Speaker —Joel Feldman.

Joel Feldman’s 21 yr- old daughter Casey was killed by a distracted driver in 2009. Casey was a daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend and her death shocked those who knew and loved her.  For more information about Casey go to

Since Casey’s death Joel Feldman has become a leading advocate for safe distraction-free driving in the US and Canada. He created, a website developed to educating others about the dangers of distracted driving. Working with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) he has developed science-based distracted driving presentations  that incorporate behavior communication and change theory  and other concepts to maximize their effectiveness.  He is frequently interviewed on radio and TV, with appearances on the Today Show, Nancy Grace Show and CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. He has produced a number of PSAs that are used in presentations, including one for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Faces of Distracted Driving series.

IMG_8521Joel Feldman is a frequent invited speaker and/or keynote speaker at national and state traffic safety, youth safety, medical and legal conferences and  has spoken at a wide variety of businesses.  Since 2012 has personally given more than 500 distracted driving presentations to more than 100,000 students and adults in 40 states and Canada. Feldman supervises a network of hundreds speakers across the U.S. and Canada who, collectively,  have spoken with more than 400,000 students and adults using presentations.

Feldman readily admits that he drove distracted regularly before Casey was killed.  “As a lawyer I had represented hundreds of families who had loved ones suffer life-altering injuries or death from motor vehicle crashes, yet it was not until Casey was killed that I realized that I needed to change the way I drive. We just don’t think that someone we love can be taken in an instant or that through poor driving choices we can kill others.”  After Casey’s death he obtained his masters in counseling and uses those skills throughout his distracted driving presentations to engage audiences and challenge them to reflect on their driving habits and attitudes in a non-confrontational manner.  His presentations are highly interactive and engaging. By telling his personal story of loss, using tragic and humorous videos, role play exercises, audience participation, and scientifically-designed materials he empowers audiences to commit to specific concrete steps for long-term safe driving at home and in the work-place.

Presentations have been given in a wide variety of work places, including hospitals, hospices, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, financial service companies, utility companies, construction  and engineering companies and to many community organizations and commissions. Many employers have also found value in sponsoring talks in local schools in conjunction with work-place talks.

Joel Feldman is available for presentations to help educate on the real dangers of distracted driving and how each of us can be part of the solution to End Distracted Driving.  To request information regarding scheduling an event email

“As I left the presentation I heard staff members talking with each other about the careless mistakes they have made, and the bad examples they had set for their kids. Many also talked about having a conversation with their kids and their parents tonight when they got home. As I listened to them, I knew that the time you spent here made an impact.” —Jack A. Carroll, PhD, MHA, Magee Rehabilitation

“As a safety professional with extensive experience in developing and managing motor vehicle safety programs for commercial sales passenger fleets, it has been my distinct privilege to work with Mr. Joel Feldman… His workshops and presentations to groups ranging from school children, adult organizations and professional groups are extremely compelling and leave a lasting impression on all who participate. As a career safety and health professional, I can unequivocally recommend Joel both for his expertise as it relates to motor vehicle safety, as well as for the energy and passion with which Joel conveys his sincere dedication to making our streets and highways a safer place for all! I would be happy to discuss Joel’s work further upon request and can be reached per the contact.” —Robert L. Holman, CIH, CSP, CPEA, Merck

“Joel Feldman shared his daughter Casey’s story and spoke about the dangers of driving distracted to our team of 85 employees in our office. I would highly recommend Joel and his presentation to others. Joel is professional, polite, and has an ability to keep his audience engaged.  Many of our employees left the presentation and personally thanked me for being able to hear Joel’s story. The passion Joel possesses on the topic of distracted driving made it a very special and powerful presentation for us. I’m happy to recommend Joel Feldman and his admirable mission of spreading awareness and making the world a safer place to any company or group of people.” —Joshua Meyerowitz, President, Supply House

“I can honestly say that is the first time I’ve ever looked around the room and everyone was paying attention. … We all took away a much greater appreciation of driving distracted and we are all changing our ways. … Your message hits very close to all of us. Please keep up the crusade and thank you again for your time and very poignant message.” —Robert Pagano, Project Manager, Matrix SME

“The audience heard how Joel lost his daughter Casey due to the actions of a distracted driver in a traffic fatality. Joel delivered a powerful presentation that really made members of the audience think about driving in a distracted manner. The audience consisted of members of the public as well as police officers. Joel interacted with the audience as well and shared many stories and experiences. The feedback from the audience to the officers who coordinated the event was very positive. One experienced officer even advised that since the presentation he no longer keeps his cellphone in the front seat near him.” —Robert A. Keetch, Chief of Police, Sault Ste. Marie Police Service

“The topic is important to anyone navigating traffic, from automobile drivers and passengers to pedestrians and bicyclists. College-aged audiences in particular can benefit from deeper understanding of the importance of attentive driving. Since we are in a School of Communication, Joel’s presentation has additional value for us. My students appreciated this as an example of ethically-grounded and carefully prepared persuasive communication.” —Phillip Glenn, Dean, Emerson College