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Casey Feldman – 21, PA

[, a project of the Casey Feldman Foundation, was established as the result of the tragic death of Casey Feldman]. Casey died on July 17, 2009, hours after being struck by a van in a crosswalk during daylight hours when on her way to a summer job as a waitress in Ocean City, N.J. She


Pedestrian Deaths on U.S. Highways Spike – EndDD’s Joel Feldman Appears on CBS Evening News

A new study just released by The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) projects an 11% increase in the number of pedestrians killed on U.S. roadways last year, compared to 2015. This would represent the steepest year-to-year increase since record-keeping began, both in terms of the number of deaths and percentage increase. Overall, pedestrian fatalities have increased by


“Springfield students hear dangers of distracted driving”

Published in The Delaware County News Network, Wednesday, February 25, 2015 – By Susan L. Serbin, Correspondent – Joel Feldman has given presentations on the dangers of distracted driving in the United States and Canada. He has spoken to nearly a quarter of a million youngsters and parents. But he admitted (privately), the talk at Springfield High School was more difficult than others. Springfield was the alma mater of his daughter Casey [….]


Burlington Free Press – Bohjalian: “Driven to distraction? Stop now”

…. I never met Casey. But I stared at a large photograph of her earlier this month at the DoubleTree Hotel in South Burlington, while her father, Joel spoke of her death — and what it is like as a parent to bury your child….Her father and I were among nine speakers sharing different moments from our lives as a part of the Vermont Association for Justice’s “Cornerstone Stories.” Feldman’s story was especially powerful, not simply because of the eloquence and honesty with which he shared every parent’s most devastating nightmare, but because of how he and his wife Dianne Anderson chose to go on living. And part of that path forward was the creation of the organization, “End Distracted Driving” (EndDD) ….


“The hardest thing I ever had to do was tell her little brother that his big sister was dead”

There was a lively engagement between Joel Feldman and the 600 or so students in the Pennsbury East High School Auditorium for more than an hour…..But there were a few times when his comments drew dead silence.“I was a distracted driver until my daughter was killed by a distracted driver,” Feldman said. “The hardest thing I ever had to do was tell her little brother his big sister was dead,” he later added [….]