Speaker References

Corporate/Business Presentations

“Joel immediately had everyone’s attention he did not just stand up at the podium and speak to all 250 people at once for the entire hour. He moved throughout the crowd and involved individuals. This kept everyone engaged throughout the entire presentation. He was very relatable, especially to our group, which is made up of mostly parents… Not only did he come to our meeting and speak to our company, but he also went and spoke at local high schools on behalf of our donation. We felt great knowing that we would be able to send Joel out to reach as many people as possible.” —Paula Feiock, Sales Coordinator, ISCO Industries, Inc, Louisville, KY

“Safety is the top priority at WestPenn Power. If you are reading this, then you likely recognize the importance safety has on your organization. At WestPenn Power, we constantly research and look for practical and innovative ways to approach safety. Through that effort we became familiar with Mr. Joel Feldman and the powerful message he delivers. If you or your organizations desire to make a positive impact on the lives of your members or employees, their families and the entire community, we strongly urge you to consider using Joel and the resources available on the End Distracted Driving website (” —R Scott Taylor, WestPennPower, Supv. Substations – Waynesboro

“Green Mountain Power recently asked Joel to come speak to 80 of our leaders at an offsite about safety over a week ago and the results of that talk have sent reverberations through this organization that have gone deep in a very meaningful way. It is the first presentation that I have ever witnessed really rapidly moving people into action and behavior change, the toughest part of any culture change.” — Mary Powell, CEO, Green Mountain Power, Burlington, Vermont

“Hearing Casey’s story, intertwined with the encounters and stories you’ve experienced, as part of your journey to end distracted driving, has left quite an impression on our employees. We hear of employees talking to their loved ones about distracted driving. We hear of employees making a concerted effort to change the way they drive. We hear of employees encouraged and inspired to stop and think about how their actions may affect others. You, Casey and your journey are impacting our employees and we are very hopeful.” — David Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Cobb EMC, Marietta, GA

“I can honestly say that is the first time I’ve ever looked around the room and everyone was paying attention. Quite an accomplishment and something I’ve been unable to do. We all took away a much greater appreciation of driving distracted and we are all changing our ways.”  —Robert Pagano-Project Manager, Matrix SME, Allentown, PA

“[W]e were grateful to have come across Joel and his mission to Joel Feldman shared his daughter Casey’s story and spoke about the dangers of driving distracted to our team of 85 employees in our office. I would highly recommend Joel and his presentation to others. Joel is professional, polite, and has an ability to keep his audience engaged. Many of our employees left the presentation and personally thanked me for being able to hear Joel’s story. The passion Joel possesses on the topic of distracted driving made it very  special and powerful presentation for us.”  —Supply House, Inc, Long Island, NY

“I have shared this information with my family, friends and employees in hope that it will save lives as you spoke about in your presentation.  I believe you are making an impact in our communities and truly appreciate everything you are doing.  I can only image the pain you feel during these presentations with such a significant loss and know it cannot be easy to do so.”  —Eddie Mathews, UPS Freight Service center manger, Morrisville, NC

High School and College Presentations

“We are very grateful for how honest you were in sharing your own experiences, and how powerfully you wove personal stories and critical facts together such that the importance of each issue was palpable. Your passion and ability to connect with each person in the room kept each of us wholly present and engaged.”

Rebecca Gullan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, Behavioral and Social Sciences Division, Gwynedd Mercy University

“There are several reasons that Joel’s program is so effective.

  1. He has a personal story that is both tragic and compelling
  2. He presents his personal story in a direct and honest way
  3. He speaks to the audience in a conversational tone as opposed to a lecture
  4. He leaves students on an upbeat note, that they can do something to prevent tragedies from happening to them, their friends and family.”

StreetSafe Driving Academy,  Ardmore, PA

“We highly encourage any College or University to facilitate your engagement with their students. The way you connected with the students during your presentation was incredibly powerful and yet gentle, allowing for thoughtfulness and decision making without judgement.”

Dyann Serravillo, Advisor, Siena College Commuter Student Association

“Thank you for your dynamic and informative presentation… The faculty was extremely impressed with your ability to keep a large number of students engaged for over an hour. We are grateful to you for sharing your personal story and applaud the work you are doing in Casey’s memory.” —Beth Grey, School Counselor, Delaware Valley Friends School

“Thank you so much for taking the time to come to Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy to share your personal story, as well as your professional experience, regarding the dangers of distracted driving.  Your tragic story was a message that awakened us all, and serves as a reminder of how precious life is.  It really does not take much for each one of us to put down our phone or eliminate other distractions while driving.” —Amy Grolnick, Upper School Counselor, Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy

“It was impressive to watch the ease with which you interacted and connected with our students; moving from the stage and walking amongst them in the audience.  It was also pleasing to see how engaged and attuned our students were to your message; demonstrated by the positive, lively conversations and feedback we received afterward.”  —Lewis S Mills High School, Burlington, CT

“Your presentation was especially compelling because of your non-judgmental approach. You certainly understand how to reach teenage audiences…  I have heard nothing but positive feedback from students and faculty/staff members alike. They are accustomed to me telling them to go out and make a difference, one person at a time. Please know that your presentation did just that. Thank you for changing – and perhaps even saving – the lives of all those who heard your talk.”  —Linda Fryoux Harvison, Principal

“Thank you for your eye-opening and inspiring presentation. Your commitment to providing a presentation with appropriate access for our deaf and hard-of-hearing students was evident, and greatly appreciated. The time that you took to research relevant data regarding deaf drivers helped you to make a connection to the students, and to affirm that you were not there to simply lecture to our students about the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ thing to do. You also empowered the students to reflect on their choices and determine their own choices going forward.”
Daphne Wener, Delaware School for the Deaf

“Joel spoke recently on our campus to about 100 students and faculty members. His presentation showed strong research, careful analysis, a compelling mix of evidence and emotional appeals, rich use of multiple communication channels, and a respectful, direct engagement with members of the audience. Since we are in a School of Communication, Joel’s presentation has additional value for us. My students appreciated this as an example of ethically-grounded and carefully prepared persuasive communication.”  —Phillip Glenn, Dean  Emerson College of Communications


Medical /Legal Conferences

“few talks and didactics move you to look within, this one moved me to look at my own behavior.”  —Physician, Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Philadelphia, PA

“Mr. Feldman was powerful. Good policies to consider review with safety team for CDL concerns.” — Pennsylvania Annual Worker’s Compensation Conference, June 12, 2017. Feedback from attendees.

“Really make me want to be more cautious while driving. Way to many people on the road being distracted.” — Pennsylvania Annual Worker’s Compensation Conference, June 12, 2017. Feedback from attendees.

“Interesting topic; well covered; absolutely loved the personal aspect Mr. Feldman shared with us’ It must have been a struggle for him—5+ stars!!” — Pennsylvania Annual Worker’s Compensation Conference, June 12, 2017. Feedback from attendees.

“Prevention is ultimately the primary “cure” for the devastating injuries we see. Joel’s message has the potential to prevent many of the pediatric spinal cord injuries that happen in this country; his message needs to be delivered and acted upon”  —Occupational Therapist, Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Philadelphia, PA

“As I left the presentation I heard staff members talking with each other about the careless mistakes they have made, and the bad examples they had set for their kids.  Many also talked about having a conversation with their kids and their parents tonight when they got home. As I listed to them, I knew that the time you spent here made an impact.” —Jack A. Carrol, PhD, MHA, President CEO, Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

“I met Joel when we were fellow panelists during a safe driving forum at the PA Department of Labor, Workers Compensation Conference in Hershey Pa. Since that time I have had the opportunity to work closely with Joel and learn more about the work he is doing as an accomplished advocate for driver safety through EndDD.Org and the Casey Feldman Foundation. His workshops and presentations to groups ranging from school children, adult organizations and professional groups are extremely compelling and leave a lasting impression on all who participate.” —Robert Holman, CIH, SCP, CPEA

“Compassionate lawyering was the most valuable.”
“This was one of the best programs I have attended in 40 years!”
“The ability to take this out to the public was the most valuable.”
“Best thing I have ever seen at an AAJ seminar.”
“Joel’s tragedy will save the lives of thousands.”

—American Association for Justice (AAJ)  Winter Convention 2013, Attendee evaluation comments

Law Enforcement

“The audience heard how Joel lost his daughter Casey due to the actions of a distracted river in a traffic fatality. Joel delivered a powerful presentation that really made members of the audience think about driving in a distracted manner. The audience consisted of members of the public as well as police officers. Joel interacted with the audience as well and share many stories and experiences. The feed back from the audience to the officers who coordinated the event was very positive. One experienced officer even advised that since that presentation he no longer keeps his cellphone in the front seat near him.

In addition, with the cooperation of our two local school boards, Joel was able to share his presentation with 5 high schools. As a Chief of Police who was present for the event ans who had the opportunity to speak to Joel and his wife Dianne afterwards, I would certainly recommend this presentation.” —Robert A. Keetch, Chief of Police, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada

“On behalf of the Somerset County Prosecutors Office and Traffic Safety Alliance please accept my thanks and appreciation for your attendance and presentation to our High School Task Force on Distracted Driving. The content of the presentation was perfect and the delivery was stellar. The teachers/staff and students that were present all expressed very good feedback regarding the quality of the information presented. They also expressed that the impact of the message meant more to them since you were delivering as an educator but more importantly as a surviving family member.” —Sergeant Christopher J. Rokicki – Retired, Somerset County Prosecutors Office, Traffic Safety Specialist, Somerset, NJ


“Mr. Feldman presents the dangers of distracted driving in a well-reasoned, fact based manner, while telling stories of people hurt by the mistakes of distracted drivers. I left the presentation convicted by how distracted I can be and motivated to stay more focused on the road. Days after the presentations, multiple Airmen noted how it made them think twice about driving distracted. Some Airmen have also requested copies of his presentation so they can pass the information on to their friends. ” -Paul T. Davidson, Lt Col, USAF 57th Wing Chief of Safety, Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, NV