Toolkit for #DriveSafeForMom

We Want Teens to Drive Safely and Give Their Moms the Best Gift Ever for Mother’s Day

We asked hundreds of moms what they want for Mother’s Day and they responded overwhelmingly: “We Want Our Children to Promise to Make Safe Driving Choices, Including Driving Without Distraction.

In focus groups we asked teens what was the best reason not to drive distracted. One of their top responses was: “My mom would be devastated if I was killed in a crash—I would not just be hurting myself, but my mom who I care for so much.”

#DriveSafeForMom Campaign

We are grateful for the support of Honda Corporation on this campaign allowing us to create these, and other teen PSAs.

The goal of #DriveSafeForMom is to encourage teens to think of their moms when they’re tempted to drive distracted.

If you’re familiar with endDD, you know that this campaign is a personal one for co-founders Dianne Anderson and Joel Feldman. Dianne and Joel’s daughter, Casey Feldman, was struck and killed by a distracted driver when she was 21. She was in a crosswalk in daylight, walking to her summer job. Dianne recorded a video promoting the campaign.

“[Y]ou can give your mother what she wants most for Mother’s Day,” Dianne says. “She just wants you to be safe. Promise her that you’ll put your phone away when you get behind the wheel….”

In his work with teenagers, Joel Feldman has discovered that the love between teens and their mothers might be one of the best motivators for teens to drive safely.

“We wanted to reach as many teens as we could with perhaps the best reason not to drive distracted — to keep their mom from suffering,” Joel says. “Teens consistently tell us that  thinking of mom will cause them to drive safer.”

How to Get Involved

We need your help to make sure the campaign reaches as many teens as possible. Repost the campaign, follow endDD on Facebook and Instagram, and spread the word. This Mother’s Day, help teens give Mom what she really wants — and keep the roads safer for everyone.

#DriveSafeForMom Toolkit

#DriveSafeForMom PSAs
View and share the brief PSAs from mothers who have lost children to distracted driving.

Teen Promise
A promise from teens for their mom that can be downloaded and shared.
Mothers Day Certificate EndDD

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