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We Have Breathalyzers To Help Fight Drunk Driving, Should We Have the Textalyzer to Fight Distracted Driving?

New York state is currently considering arming police with the textalyzer, a device that would allow police officers, after a crash, to download information allowing them to see what the driver was doing with his or her smartphone immediately before the crash. There is no doubt that allowing police to do so would be a


Drop the “A” Word

As we recognize April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month, it is time to talk about an issue that goes mainly unspoken in mainstream media: the “A” word.  For the average person, the term “car accident” is synonymous with the phrase “car crash.” We hear about new car “accidents” on the news every day—news stories about


AutoCorrect: A New App Designed by Three High School Seniors to Reward Safe Driving

Soham Dharmadhikary, Vishnu Paranandi and Rakesh Ravi are not your average high school seniors. While most students their age spend what little free time senior year offers enjoying time with friends, these three are engaged in another sort of activity: creating their own smart phone application. AutoCorrect, the trio’s soon-to-be-released app, is designed to promote


University of Michigan Study – 90% of Parents Drive Distracted With Children in the Car

May is Global Youth Traffic Safety Month, a month designated to bring awareness to the fact that traffic accidents are the number 1 killer of teens and to get teens involved in the solution. We at EndDD.org know that distracted driving is not just a teen issue. We ask teens, as part of our presentation,