He shared a personal story and backed it up with an educational approach, supported by facts, figures, visual aides and videos. He spoke to our students out of concern, like a caring parent, teacher or adult would…

Ray Ot , Assistant Principal, Pennridge High School, Perkasie, PA

You quickly established that this was not a lecture at high schoolers for their perceived misdeeds, but a societal issue in which they may lead the way in addressing.

Jeffrey Solan , Principal Cheshire High School, Cheshire, CT

As I left the presentation I heard staff members talking with each other about the careless mistakes they have made, and the bad examples they had set for their kids. Many also talked about having a conversation with their kids and their parents tonight when ...

Jack A. Carroll , Magee Rehabilitation

Joel Feldman … [spoke] to our more than 400 management employees. His comments, lessons and personal stories touched each person in the audience in a profound way.

Michael L. Mosher , President and Chief Executive Officer, Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation

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