Presentation Feedback

What students, schools, communities and businesses and speakers are saying about the presentation

Since we began giving presentations in 2012 more than 400,000 teens and adults have seen presentations. In addition to our formal evaluation process to evaluate the effectiveness of the presentations we also receive feedback from those in attendance. Below is some of the feedback we have received.

Comments From Businesses

  • “Many experts in the field of personal development suggest that it takes 28 days to change a habit. In the case of Joel Feldman’s presentation on Distracted Driving— it took less than 28 minutes to change my driving habits. His discussion was not only moving and thought provoking, but his sincerity and passion convinced me to change my driving habits, which I never realized were nothing short of criminal, to once which I could live (literally).” —Dave Winoski, Project Engineer, Jacobs Construction Co.
  • “As I left the presentation I heard staff members taking with each other about the careless mistakes they have made, and the bad examples they had set for their kids. Many also talked about having a conversation with their kids and parents tonight when they got home. As I listened to them, I know that the time you spent here made an impact.” — Jack A. Carrol, PhD, MHA, President & CEO Magee Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
  • “We invited Joel Feldman, who was highly recommended to us by another utility, to speak to our more than 400 management employees. His comments, lessons and personal stories touched each person in the audience in a profound way, as he delivered powerful examples of the dangers at stake when we drive distracted. Joel offered to also graciously present to a local high school on the same day. Committed to raising awareness about this issue, we felt honored to make the arrangements. He was engaging and interactive with the students and faculty, who expressed their deep appreciation for his important, life-saving messages, and for our company’s willingness to bring about the opportunity to hear such a dynamic speaker. Local news media covered the presentation and our sponsorship, and the event received positive public reviews. ” — Mike Mosher, President and CEO Central Hudson Utility Co., Poughkeepsie, NY.
  • “Thank you so much for coming and speaking to our group last Thursday. I can honestly say that is the first time I’ve ever looked around the room and everyone was paying attention. Quite an accomplishment and something I’ve been unable to do. We all took away a much greater appreciation of driving distracted and we are all changing our ways.” — Robert Pagano, Project Manager, Matrix SME Allentown, PA
  • “Joel Feldman shared his daughter Casey’s story and spoke about the dangers of driving distracted to our team of 85 employees in our office. I would highly recommend Joel and his presentation to others. Joel is professional, polite, and has the ability to keep his audience engaged.Many of our employees left the presentation and personally thanked me for being able to hear Joel’s story. The passion Joel possesses on the topic of distracted driving made it a very special and powerful presentation for us.” — Joshua Meyerowitz, President Supply House, Farmingdale, NY

Speakers Comments:

  • “Normally I start texting as soon as I get in my car after the game, but after the talk today, I am not texting when I get in my car and leaving the wrist band in my car as a reminder” — from a cheerleader at University High School, Baton Rouge, LA
  • “The videos about Mr. Feldman’s daughter and the sister speaking of her text to her older sister at the time of a fatal wreck were powerful and made a true impact on the kids.” —Tim Pickell, Esq. Westwood, KS
  • “My law firm is honored to participate in the Distracted Driving Program and I can truly tell you it was a rewarding experience. In fact, I brought my 12 year old with me, whose jaw fell to the ground when she saw the video presentation.” —Michael Politis, Esq. Port Orange, FL
  • “ I presented to 450 sophomores at my alma mater, St. Xavier High School, in Cincinnati, the largest, all boys Jesuit high school in the US. It was a grand success and I had a wonderful time… the President and development director have already asked me back next year. The energy and feedback were incredible and powerful.” —Mark Kitrick. Esq Cincinnati, OH
  • I just finished with my second high school today, reaching 350 juniors and seniors in the morning, and 500 juniors in the afternoon. My overall feeling is that this a powerful presentation the way that it is set up. The videos and pictures go a long way toward keeping these high school kids interested for an hour. It seemed to be very well received. The kids were completely silent during the segments on Neil Comer’s granddaughter and Casey Feldman. Those seemed to be the two most impactful parts of the presentation. I learned some things today about presenting this, and I will get better as I go along. I want to do a lot more of these, because I do believe it will do some good.” —Steve Williams, Esq Indianapolis, IN
  • “Young people understand, deeply, that cell phone us while driving needs to be “de-normalized” and even stigmatized. Young people want to be supported and encouraged in using their voices to “speakup” to others, including their parents, when they feel unsafe about distracted driving. They need information, support and encouragement from us to do this. ” —Scott Blumenshine, Esq. Chicago, IL
  • “After the presentation a student came up to me and shared that his parent had killed someone when driving distracted. He shared his perspective of the tragedy and how that has affected this young man—who does not drive distracted now.” —Chris Marzzacco, Esq. Harrisburg, PA
  • “I spoke at Andrew Jackson Senior High in Jacksonville. One young lady, watching the bus driver filling out papers and driving with his knees, said “My mama does that.” The teachers were very pleased with the level of participation.” —Wayne Hogan, Esq. Jacksonville, FL
  • “WOW! What a refreshing experience! Today is one of those days where you feel good knowing that you might just have saved a life. The kids were really excited and participation was excellent. One of the most rousing responses came when I fessed-up to being a distracted driver in my past. I made the confession in my opening remarks and it was smooth sailing from there.” —George Boath, Esq. Stratford CT
  • “I felt the kids really embraced the message because they all acknowledged watching their parents drive while distracted. Several students vividly described situations when they were fearful for their own safety while riding with their parents!” —Ed Manzke, Esq. Naperville, IL