Joel Feldman Receives 2014 Maryland Association for Justice Civil Justice Award for Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign

mDJoel Feldman, founder, has been working tirelessly to spread the message that distracted driving is risky driving and that distracted driving crashes are 100% preventable.  His message has reached Maryland and with the help of the Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ) members, that message is being heard by teens across Maryland.

Joel was recently honored by MAJ during its annual President’s Dinner by receiving the MAJ Simon K. Walton Civil Justice Award.

In his acceptance speech Joel stated, “There is no group better equipped to go into communities and provide safety messages to teens than trial lawyers.” In talking about the success of, Joel noted that there will shortly be 275,000 teens across the country who have seen an presentation and that with the help of MAJ, thousands of Maryland teens will also hear that message.

Joel (L) with MAJ President Lawrence Greenberg

Joel spoke about how it was only after his daughter, Casey’s death, that he examined his own driving behaviors and committed to changing the way he drives and to drive distraction free. Joel stated, “I am fortunate for all of the help and support I receive from so many across the country and for being able to remember Casey in such a special way.”

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Watch the video of Joel’s acceptance speech here:

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Joel with MAJ member, Elisha Hawk
Joel with his wife, Dianne Anderson