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The Casey Feldman Foundation/ Announce National Award for Transportation Safety Reporting

The Casey Feldman Foundation/ is excited to announce the Casey Feldman Award for Traffic Safety Reporting sponsored in conjunction with the University of Colorado College of Media, Communication and Information. The Award has been created to recognize and honor reporters whose work informs the public about traffic safety. Traffic deaths, including those caused by distracted


Joel Feldman Receives 2014 Maryland Association for Justice Civil Justice Award for Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign

Joel Feldman, founder, has been working tirelessly to spread the message that distracted driving is risky driving and that distracted driving crashes are 100% preventable.  His message has reached Maryland and with the help of the Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ) members, that message is being heard by teens across Maryland. Joel was recently


Casey Feldman Foundation/ Founders Receive Courageous Advocacy Award in Massachusetts

In creating the Casey Feldman Foundation and and bringing their “End Distracted Driving” (EndDD) message to the public throughout the country, Joel Feldman and Dianne Anderson “have given their daughter a powerful and important legacy,” the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys (MATA) concluded, recently awarding the couple the group’s 2013 Courageous Advocacy Award.