The Casey Feldman Foundation/ Announce National Award for Transportation Safety Reporting

Casey Feldman

The Casey Feldman Foundation/ is excited to announce the Casey Feldman Award for Traffic Safety Reporting sponsored in conjunction with the University of Colorado College of Media, Communication and Information. The Award has been created to recognize and honor reporters whose work informs the public about traffic safety. Traffic deaths, including those caused by distracted driving are at the highest levels in 20 years. The first place prize is $2,000 and two honorable mentions, which will receive $500, will also be awarded. Submissions are open through December 9, 2022.

Casey Feldman was a passionate young  journalism student and news reporter when she was killed in 2009 by a distracted driver. Following Casey’s death, her parents, Dianne Anderson and Joel Feldman, created the Casey Feldman Foundation and its traffic safety campaign, (End Distracted Driving). is one of the leading organizations devoted to reducing distracted driving crashes. provides science-based presentations for students and adults and working through a national network of volunteer speakers, has presented to more than 500,000 students and adults since Casey’s death. Other innovative programs include a distracted driving picture book for grades K-2 and distracted driving lesson plans for 2nd through 5th grade children to enable them to recognize and speak up when they are being driven by a distracted driver. In August of 2022 the U.S. DOT released a study in which it found’s high school presentations were effective in changing driving attitudes and behaviors.

“After Casey’s death Dianne and I committed to doing everything we could to reduce distracted driving tragedies,” said Joel Feldman. “We know that good reporting informs the public and facilitates positive changes, so we wanted to encourage and reward transportation safety reporting.” “Casey was so fervent about quality journalism and news reporting that and I know she would be thrilled that excellence in journalism is being recognized in her memory,” said Dianne Anderson.

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