Mar Prepares for April’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month – This Year is Different

Before July 17, 2009 I had never heard of Distracted Driving Awareness Month. For that matter, even though I am a lawyer who has represented hundreds of families in distracted driving cases over the years, I regularly drove distracted. What changed on July 17, 2009? My 21-year old daughter Casey was killed by a distracted

Distracted Driving

The Landscape of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is an increasing and deadly problem that presents questions lawyers and courts will need to grapple with. In 2009, Webster’s New World College Dictionary’s “word of the year” was “distracted driving.” The dictionary’s editors noted that “distracted driving is another reflection—and consequence—of our ongoing romance with all things digital and mobile and the


How Apple Can Prevent Distracted Driving Tragedies

Using our iPhones for calls, texts and apps like FaceTime while driving is obviously dangerous. Still, many people ignore the documented risks and drive distracted. But when drivers using iPhones kill or injure innocent members of the public, should Apple be legally responsible? Two families are arguing the company should undoubtedly be responsible. On Christmas


NHTSA Report Documents An Increase in Highway Fatalities for the First Time Since 2008

    Traffic safety professionals had been hopeful that the steady decrease in highway deaths since 2008 would continue. Those hopes were dashed with the August release of NHTSA ‘s report, 2015 Motor Vehicle Crashes: Overview, revealing that 2015 marked the largest percentage increase in traffic fatalities in 50 years. That increase of 7.2% resulted in deaths climbing