Social Media Apps are Too Dangerous to Use While Driving – Joins with the Partnership for Distraction-Free Driving to Launch a Petition to Save Lives

Manufacturers of social media apps have a responsibility to warn users not to drive while using their apps, and, in some cases, to disable the app so that it cannot be used while driving. To reduce distracted driving crashes End Distracted Driving ( has joined the Partnership for Distraction-Free Driving in launching a petition drive to encourage social media companies to do the following [….]


The Snapchat Lawsuit- Why Snapchat and other App Manufacturers Should Change The Designs of Their Apps to Reduce Distracted Driving Tragedies

The recent filing of a lawsuit against Snapchat has sparked incredible media attention and comment. An 18 year-old girl was reportedly using Snachat while driving over 100 mph and seriously injured a man in a crash. Not only was the 18 year old sued, but also Snapchat, the manufacturer of the app she was using


Nurses and Injury Prevention Coordinators Volunteering in Their Communities to Educate Teens About Distracted Driving -The 2016 End Distracted Driving ( Student Presentation

As part of its volunteer speaker network is proud to have a number of nurses and injury prevention coordinators from hospitals across the country. To date, speakers have reached nearly 300,000 students in more than 40 states and several Canadian provinces.  Thanks to the volunteer efforts of its speakers there is no cost


Think texting when stopped in traffic is safe? Think again-it takes up to 27 seconds after texting for our brains to fully engage in the driving task

So you only text when stopped at traffic lights, thinking if you are stopped, it has to be safe. You text and then before the light turns green you stop texting. As long as you are looking at the road and not at your phone when you begin to move it has to be safe, right ? According to researchers at the University of Utah the answer is an unequivocal “no.” [….]