Xzavier Bilbo, 5 – WI

xFive year old Xzavier (X) Davis Bilbo  was crossing a street holding hands with his 13 year old sister Aurie near their home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 10, 2010.  It was a beautiful 70 degree afternoon and they were headed to the park, a walk they had made hundreds of times. They looked both ways before crossing the street but a young driver ran through a stop sign when texting while driving. Xzavier was hit and literally pulled from his sister’s grasp. The vehicle dragged him for more than 20 ft.  Xzavier underwent 9 surgeries and spent four and a half months in the ICU. Xzavier is paralyzed below his diaphragm, with only limited use of his arms and hands. He must use a ventilator to breath and needs 24 hour nursing care.

XzavierXzavier was a lively and exuberant young man who didn’t stop running from the time that his feet hit the floor in the morning. His mother can no longer say to him, “Go out in the yard and play.”

Xzavier loves football and the Green Bay Packers and had hopes of being a football player one day. He continues to remain an excellent student in school.

Xzavier  is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Faces of Distracted Driving” series. View the video below. He is also part of AT&T’s newest documentary, “From One Second to the Next”.

X campaigns against distracted driving and has established a Twitter account, @XManFoundation , #Don’tTextForX.