Toni Donato Bolis, 28 – NJ

ToniToni Donato-Bolis was scheduled to deliver her second child in two days. When driving home from a doctor’s appointment, her car was hit head-on in Sewell, NJ on Pitman-Downer Road  about a mile from her home. The other driver, after missing two cars, swerved into her lane when he was distracted by his cell phone. Both Toni and her unborn 8lb 2 oz baby boy, RJ, were killed.toni

Toni’s family has established the Toni Donato-Bolis & Baby RJ Foundation and work to end distracted driving and carry the message throughout NJ. Additionally, the Foundation partnered with legislators in NJ to put the Kulesh, Kubert and Bolis’ law in place that makes it easier for prosecutors to get convictions for vehicular homicide or assault by auto against a person who illegally uses a cell phone while driving and, as a result, kills or injures someone. toni donato bolis