Richard C. Seigh, 69 – NJ

fgRichard C. Seigh, aka Dick, was struck and killed in Vindeland, NJ by a texting truck driver who claims that he never saw Dick on the road. 

Born and raised in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area,  Dick was active and mischievous as a boy.  An alter boy, he made friends easily and was involved in a variety of activities including sports and stamp collecting. Upon graduation from high school, Dick chose to enlist in the Navy and served several tours in Vietnam.  He used his veteran’s benefits to complete college with a degree in engineering.  Math and engineering remained a large part of his life.  He eventually decided he preferred working for himself as an independent contractor.   Dick found a great deal of satisfaction in his work but he made time to be a good father to his stepson, Mark, and to nurture family ties with his sisters, nieces and nephews.  The death of his mother when he was 14 contributed to his appreciation of family ties.  He was especially close to his sister Rita but also spent time with his oldest sister, Trudy.

g03uncleDick could always make you laugh even when he was in trouble.  There are many family stories of Dick talking himself out of a sticky situation through humor and good will.  As he aged, he became a runner and walker.  He loved spending time on his own exploring outdoor trails.  Even though he was on land, Dick never lost his love of the ocean and always insisted on living near water.

r01UncleDick’s family will always wish they could have more time with this good man.