Patrick Mapleson, 66 – NY

Patrick MaplesonOn St. Patrick’s Day, 2006 , the day after he turned 66, Patrick Mapleson lost his life when he was struck by a cement truck while working as a member of the New York State Department of Transportation road crew. The truck driver was distracted by reaching for a water bottle that had slipped as he was driving. The driver pulled down on the steering wheel as he was reaching, causing his truck to cross two closed lanes of the highway,  striking Mr. Mapleson and killing him instantly.

Mr. Mapleson was a veteran who had served in the United States Navy in Vietnam. He had worked hard his entire life and planned to retire that October. His dream was to buy a small shack by the water so he could fish and read books all day, enjoying his golden years.

His daughter, Karen Mapleson Torres, has created “ALL4UDAD- A Texting/Distracted Driving Awareness Program” and speaks throughout NY  in the hopes of avoiding further tragedies.