Daniel Kidd, 19 – IA

daniel kidd 2Nineteen year old Daniel Kidd of Baldwin, Iowa popped his head into his parents room on Saturday morning, January 7, 2012 and said, “Bye Mom, I love you,” as he headed out the door to visit his fiance’, Cherel. His mother reminded him to be back by 2:00 pm so that they could go shopping. But, he never made it back. He didn’t even make it to Cherel’s house. A phone call to his fiance’, followed by a text message, distracted Daniel, causing him to fail to negotiate a curve just 3 miles from his home. His truck rolled over and struck a utility pole, causing it to break and crush Daniel’s truck, killing him instantly.

The son of Dennis and Kim Kidd, Daniel was the youngest of 5 children, all of whom were Christian home-schooled. Daniel graduated high school in 2010 and worked on the family farm at the time of the accident. He became engaged to be married on Christmas day in 2011 and planned to be married in 2012.

Daniel loved nature, animals and the outdoors. He also enjoyed music and art and was “always drawing something”. He had hopes of going to college for art, and computer and game programming.

Daniel  had a great sense of humor, liked to play jokes on his brothers and sisters and would do anything to make people laugh.  Daniel also had a warm sensitive side, making time to cuddle and simply chat with his parents before retiring each night.