Clarissa Danielle Morrison – AL

Clarissa Danielle Morrison died on June 19, 2010, at the young age of 18 in New Hope, Alabama. Clarissa was reading a text while driving, hit a mailbox, and tried to swerve back onto the road. Clarissa had graduated from Kate Duncan Smith DAR High School on May 22, 2010, less than a month before she passed.

Clarissa was like many young adults. She attended pep rallies and football games, did homework and went to the prom. It was at school that Clarissa was the most social and she was well-liked. She loved to talk with her friends, go shopping and to the movies and have sleepovers almost every weekend.

Clarissa was known for being a big Auburn University fan and was set to attend college in the fall, with dreams of becoming a neonatal nurse.

Surviving Clarissa are her parents, Debra and Wayne Stapler, grandmother Pauline Morrison, and sister, Lisa.

For Clarissa, one of her biggest fears was dying young, according to a video put out by the Morrison family in an attempt to dissuade others from texting while driving: