Chelsey Murphy, 19 – FL

chelsea murphy (2)On March 9, 2010, 19-year-old Chelsey Murphy and her unborn child were killed when a teen driver talking on his cell phone struck her as she was crossing an intersection near her home in Naples, FL. A friend who was crossing the street with Chelsea was seriously injured. The person with whom the driver was talking to heard the impact through the phone, and asked what it was. The driver said he thought he hit a water cooler.

In 2009 Chelsey graduated from the Job Corps in Homestead, Florida with certification as a medical assistant. Her dreams were to become a marine and a mother. She was 4 weeks pregnant at the time of the accident. She was in the process of moving from her home one block away, into a new apartment with her significant other when she was struck. She remained in a coma for 5 days before passing away. chelsey murphy.JPG 2

Chelsey is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Faces of Distracted Driving” series. View the video: