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End Distracted Driving Advocate, Jennifer Smith Knows Awareness Doesn’t Stop After April

April was Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  During this time many organizations like EndDD.org and the National Safety Council created initiatives to promote the dangers of distracted driving. Now that we are beyond April and heading into the summer it is important to acknowledge that advocacy and awareness of this epidemic is a year-round action.  Jennifer


Lawsuits Against Car Manufacturers for Installing Dangerous Voice-Activated Features

Distracted driving crashes are receiving more and more attention. Much of the focus has been on texting, and more recently on using all the other apps and features of our phones, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. But what has not received much attention is the dangerous distractions being built into our cars [….]


Eliminating all portable electronic use while driving at top of NTSB’s 2015 “Most Wanted” safety list

The National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday released their 2015 “Most Wanted” list of top transportation safety improvements. Number one on the list is “Disconnect From Deadly Distractions.” The first step toward removing deadly distractions will be to disconnect from non-mission-critical information. For decades, aviation has recognized the need for “sterile cockpit” procedures that restrict


Cognitive Distractions: Safe driving requires our brains to be entirely focused on driving

It is not enough to be holding the wheel and looking at the road-we need to devote our full attention to the task of driving. If we are not concentrating entirely on driving because we are trying to think about a secondary task – a cell phone conversation, texting, reading e-mails, etc  -than we are


The next generation of Audi and Tesla automobiles are about to become more like smartphones on wheels thanks to AT&T

AT&T has long been at the forefront of efforts to reduce distracted driving with its no texting initiatives. Undoubtedly, through it’s leadership, many crashes have been prevented and many lives saved.  So it was with great surprise that I read a January 7, 2014 article in  CNNMoney on a partnership just announced  between AT&T and