Casey Feldman Foundation Sponsored NOYS Youth – Turn It Around Awards

The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation, in cooperation with the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS) and the National Highway Transportation Association (NHTSA) has participated in sponsoring a program that offers prizes to organizations on behalf of youths that submit projects which turn a tragedy into an opportunity for positive change.

If you started a project in or before May (Youth Traffic Safety Month) of 2011, you could be eligible. More information, as well as ideas for projects that can help transform adversity into something positive or proactive is available at:

Many youths who have been a victim of a tragedy or lost someone have risen from the tragedy and the pain and gone on to find creative and innovative ways to turn the situation into something that can be positive for someone else.  Raising awareness on an issue can prevent others from making mistakes that could cause future incidents.  These issues can be related to distracted driving, to alcohol or drugs, to reckless behavior, and other areas.

About The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation

The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation and the End Distracted Driving site were created in response to the tragic loss of Casey Feldman, who was hit by a car driven by a distracted driver. People who loved Casey have tried to turn a bad situation into something that can help people realize that driving is not something people should do as part of multi-tasking. Actions speak loudly and there is a lot of buzz about fighting distracted driving that impacts decision-making of people driving their cars. These changes could be saving lives daily.

About NOYS

NOYS is a collaboration of over 40 youth-serving organizations with a board of directors that includes youth membership. It began in 1994 in the area of traffic safety and has become about overall youth safety. Honoring a loved one lost in a tragedy can be a way to help you heal. You can make some noise (“NOYS”) to turn adversity into action.