Disney-Pixar and NHTSA Produce Distracted Driving Public Service Video for Kids

Written by Joel Feldman

Recognizing that distracted driving is a threat to world-wide health, Disney-Pixar, in connection with NHTSA, has produced a public service video, Only the Bad Guys, that will introduce children to the dangers of distracted driving.

The intention is to teach safe driving behaviors long before kids ever begin to drive. Kids will learn that multi-tasking behind the wheel is not acceptable so that those bad habits are not learned in the first place. The goal is to create a new generation of drivers who will drive safer and who may influence parents, and driving age family members to change bad behaviors.

The video is superb and the Cars 2characters are loved by kids, and adults. I fully expect that after seeing the video, children will be reminding their parents to drive safer. The effort is similar to that of Sesame Street in using Grover as a spokesman for road safety in educational videos aimed at teaching these important concepts as early as possible. All of these efforts are particularly gratifying to those of us who have lost loved ones to distracted driving.