Making Better Driving Choices Founder Joel Feldman Speaks With Shriner’s Hospital Staff at Grand Rounds

EndDD Founder Joel Feldman was a guest lecturer at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia on July 10. The focus of his presentation to hospital staff was about making safer driving choices that reduce traffic accidents of all types.

The interactive discourse included role play exercises for teens and adults to explore their driving habits. Topics included the fear of being driven by a distracted driver and the individual driving behaviors that are unrecognized examples of distracted driving. Videos and cognitive distraction exercises showed how even a single moment of non-attentive driving can lead to tragic life-changing events.

Feldman has spoken to thousands of teens and adults about the dangers of inattentiveness while behind the wheel of a vehicle.  “As an attorney for years I represented the families of those who were killed by distracted driving-It wasn’t until my 21 year old daughter was killed by a distracted driver that I changed the way that I drive.” Since his daughter’s death he has been on a mission to get the message across to as many people as possible.

The event was well received by hospital staff at all levels. One physician said, “Few talks and didactics move you to look within; this one moved me to look at my own behaviors.

An occupational therapist expounded even further when he said, “Prevention is ultimately the primary ‘cure’ for the devastating injuries we see. Joel’s message has the potential to prevent many of the pediatric spinal cord injuries that happen in this country. His message needs to be delivered and acted upon.

Feldman reflected on the positive reaction of the audience by saying, “I was so grateful for the opportunity to participate in Shriners Grand Rounds. Shriners is an unquestioned leader in providing state-of-the art and compassionate health care to children with terrible injuries,  and many of those injuries arise from motor vehicle crashes.

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