Jacksonville Speakers Increasing Awareness Through Print and Television Media

Terrell Hogan Attorneys, Wayne Hogan and Leslie Goller have been getting the attention of Jacksonville Media for their work with the Distracted Driving Awareness Initiative.

Last Week Joel Feldman  joined  Leslie Goller on Jacksonville National Public Radio WJCT 89.9 FM about Distracted Driving Awareness Month and EndDD.org’s Student Awareness Initiative. Terrell Hogan, and Joel’ firm, Anapol Schwartz, are both members of the Injury Board and were able to collaborate their efforts through the site along with the help of site  members, 60 for Safety, NoDD.org, and the American Association for Justice.

On Friday, Leslie Spoke with The Daily Record, a publication that reports on Business and Legal News in Jacksonville. Leslie Told the Record that presentations are not meant to be a lecture, but rather a creative way to reach out to the teens to get them to realize their dangerous behaviors and want to change. Leslie’s message for the teens is to Focus on Driving.  “No text or call is worth losing your life or being the cause of someone’s death”

On April 9th, Wayne Hogan was featured in a Morning News Segment on Fox30, and later on First Coast News on April 17th, encouraging more schools to participate in the Student Awareness Initiative. Terrell Hogan attorneys are scheduled to present to 3 Florida  high schools this month. The Watrel Law Firm has also signed up to present to 2 Jacksonville schools.