EndDD.org Founder Interviewed on Distracted Driving Podcast

Philadelphia, PA – Meghana Jagarlamudi hosted End Distracted Driving (EndDD.org) founder Joel Feldman on A Distracted Driving Awareness Podcast on April 27, 2021. Jagarlamudi is a Girl Scout Ambassador, who, while achieving her Gold Award, is taking a closer look at distracted driving as a serious public health issue that affects everyone.

On the podcast, Feldman discussed the loss of his daughter Casey in 2009, which motivated him to establish EndDD.org and bring his safety message to people around the country. He explained that at the time, he could not find any science-backed distracted driving awareness presentations. Working with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and numerous other groups, Feldman developed the presentation that would continually gain momentum, spark new initiatives, and reach half a million people over the next decade. He also discussed how EndDD.org adapted to COVID-19 and the expansion of the new elementary school program about distracted driving.

Feldman explained to Jagarlamudi that ultimately, changing the landscape of distracted driving is about connecting safe behavior to respect. “We know how we want to be treated,” he said. “Hopefully the folks who are listening to this also believe that they want to be respectful of others. They want others to know they are respectful. If you’re driving down the road, with or without a passenger, you’re sharing the road with everyone: cars, bicyclists, pedestrians. If you take your eyes off the road to look at your phone, how does that show your respect for other people? It doesn’t. And your generation taught me that.”

About End Distracted Driving

End Distracted Driving (EndDD) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was founded after Casey Anderson Feldman was killed by a distracted driver in 2009. EndDD’s mission is to save lives from distracted driving through advocacy, education, and action. Using science-based distracted driving presentations, a network of 500 speakers has spoken to more than 475,000 students across the nation at no cost to their schools. Other educational materials, presentations, and lesson plans help passengers of all ages effectively speak up against distracted driving. For more information, please visit EndDD.org. Follow EndDD on Facebook at @EndDistractedDriving.



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