The Hanover’s Innovation & Sponsorship Protects Teens on the Road

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The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. takes its mission far beyond offering dynamic insurance solutions for businesses, homes, vehicles, and more. The company is also part of the solution to combat the staggering statistics of teen deaths and injuries on our nation’s roadways. In addition to promoting teen safety through multifaceted programs, The Hanover has also partnered with to save lives.

Through its partnership, The Hanover will help significantly reduce distracted driving on our roadways in a number of ways. Hanover’s support will allow us to reach even more students through our nation-wide network of volunteer speakers who speak to students about being safe drivers, as well as involved passengers who will speak up and help their drivers drive safer when necessary.

Educating teens about good driving behavior (and rewarding them for it, too)

The Hanover launched its SafeTeen driving program in 2018, which helps coach, educate and protect new drivers. Its agent partners have a suite of education and discount options to offer customers who add teen drivers to a policy.

The SafeTeen driver safety course is designed to help inexperienced drivers improve their driving skills. It is proven to help reduce accidents by up to 30 percent once completed. Through its partnership with ADEPT Driver’s teenSMART® Program, customers receive discounts on their auto policies when teen drivers successfully complete the program.

Parents can monitor their teen’s driving behaviors through the SafeTeen mobile app. Teens receive a score based on distracted driving, speeding, hard braking and more, allowing parents to better coach them on safe driving habits. Parents get a discount on their auto policy by participating, and teens who score well may qualify to receive Amazon rewards.

Finally, the SafeTeen deductible reduces the premium payment on parents’ policies by offering the opportunity to add a $2,500 deductible to vehicles not usually driven by their teens.

Long before the creation of SafeTeen, The Hanover was still working to guide teens toward safe driving. The company sponsored the highly regarded In Control Crash Prevention safe driving program. With hundreds of thousands of graduates, the state certified training program has proven to save lives and significantly reduce crashes among participating drivers.

Supporting the advancement of research into crash avoidance systems

The Hanover was also at the forefront of in-car technology at its inception, offering its support to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in 2012 to expand its world class Vehicle Research Center to evaluate crash avoidance systems.

To learn more about The Hanover, visit To learn more about the SafeTeen program, visit offers a variety of corporate partnership opportunities. Visit our sponsors page to view our current sponsors, read more about partnership, and request more information.