EndDD.org Releases Distracted Driving Video

Driving the Length of a Football Field Blind

Caring drivers respect the safety of everyone on the road.

You are driving at 55 mph and your passenger asks you to close your eyes and count to 4 before opening your eyes. Most likely you would look at your passenger like they were crazy and emphatically say “no.”  Yet, many of us will look away from the road to tweet, text or use apps while driving . What are the dangers of doing so?  EndDD.org’s newest PSA was produced to help us understand in simple terms those risks.

When we look away from the road to tweet or text our cars still keep moving. At 55 mph in 4 seconds we travel more than the length of a football field, i.e. 100 yards or 300 feet, all without looking at the road. Imagine what could happen when you are not looking at the road. The car in front stops suddenly and you slam into it, a traffic light turns from red to green and you fly through the intersection against the red light or a child runs in front of your car and by the time you look up it’s too late. If you are honest with yourself you will appreciate that doing so is very selfish-when we look away from the road to tweet or text while driving it’s all about us and what we need to do and we put everyone else at risk. EndDD.org’s animation illustrates the danger of texting, tweeting or looking at apps when driving.

Tweeting, texting  or looking at apps while driving is selfish driving.  Caring drivers respect the safety of everyone else on the road and don’t drive distracted.

Thank you to our friends at Safe America for partnering with EndDD.org on this PSA. Safe America is one of the country’s leading voices for safety and works with a variety of organizations on emerging health and safety issues. We look forward to working with Safe America on future projects.