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2018 Video and Meme Contest Winners! is proud to announce the winners of our 2018 Video and Meme/Gif Contest – “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Distracted”, which was expanded this year to include elementary and middle school students. With over 56 videos and 167 memes/gifs submitted, the 8 winners hailed from NY, AL, MN, ND, IN and VA. Our impressive group of judges were Deborah Hersman, President and CEO of the National Safety Council [….]

Ben Labonosky IV- 57, CT

On July 16, 2017 Ben Labonosky IV was fatally injured by a distracted driver. It was the kind of perfect Summer weather that Ben would dream of all year and he was taking a leisurely Sunday ride on his motorcycle. He had slowed to make a left-hand turn when he was rear-ended by a distracted […]

Connor Johnson—21, PA.

On April 10, 2011, Connor Johnson was killed in a car crash caused by distracted driving. He was riding in a van that swerved off Interstate 79 just north of Pittsburgh, PA, striking a light pole. The impact killed the 21-year-old instantly. Since Connor was a young child, he was always known for living on […]

Students – Enter Now to Win Our 2018 Video and Meme Contest!

Elementary, Middle, High School or College Students Submit Your Entry by March 9th! The deadline for’s second annual “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Distracted” Video/Meme/GIF contest is quickly approaching. In partnership with Anapol Weiss and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), the contest has been expanded this year to include […]

Richard C. Seigh, 69 – NJ

Richard C. Seigh, aka Dick, was struck and killed in Vindeland, NJ by a texting truck driver who claims that he never saw Dick on the road.  Born and raised in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area,  Dick was active and mischievous as a boy.  An alter boy, he made friends easily and was involved in a […]

Liz Marks, 17 – MD

On April 7, 2012, just two weeks short of her 18th birthday, Liz Marks drove her car into the back of a flat bed truck which was stopped, with its turn signal on, waiting to make a left hand turn. She had looked down to read a text from her mother, Betty Shaw, one word […]

Chandler Small – TX

Chandler Small died the morning of December 19, 2012, as a result of texting and speeding while driving.  Chandler was operating her Ford F-250 when she failed to negotiate a turn. Her vehicle left the roadway, hit a culvert, flipped and landed on its roof. Chandler, who was wearing her seatbelt, was sending and receiving […]

Nikki Kellenyi, 18 – NJ

    Nikki Kellenyi was an 18 year-old senior at Washington Township High School in NJ  who was looking forward to her senior prom,  graduation, and attending college in the fall. Nikki’s 18 year-old driver and classmate failed to notice two stop signs and drove into the path of a pick-up truck while Nikki was […]

Alessandra Augello, 17 – FL

On November 10, 2008, 17 year old Alessandra (Allie) Augello was killed in a head-on collision when on her way home from play practice at Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School, in Spring Hill, Florida. The driver of the other vehicle, 19 year old Alyssa Dryer, who was also killed, veered into Allie’s lane unexpectedly. Police […]

Javier Zamora, 40 – CA

 Javier Zamora was killed on August 26, 2007, in southern California when his car was struck head-on by a driver who was reaching between the seats for her phone. Javier was on his way to a shopping mall with his daughter when the crash occurred. Javier’s daughter sustained minor injuries and the female driver of […]