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Distracted Driving Featured on PHL17 Morning News

Delco Father Striving to End Distracted Driving   Once a distracted driver himself, Joel Feldman now travels the country trying to change the way people drive. In 2009 Feldman lost his 21-year-old daughter, Casey. She was an aspiring journalist, getting ready to head into her senior year of college, but Casey’s life was cut short […]

Joel Feldman joines WJLA-TV (ABC) Good Morning Washington to discuss how we can combat distracted driving in 2019.

Last year, the number of traffic deaths increased by more than 13% over 2017. Joel joined WJLA-TV (ABC) Good Morning Washington to discuss how we can combat distracted driving in 2019.

“Do as I Say, Not as I Do” Is Failing Our Kids, Study Finds

A new study reveals that teens’ parents – the traditional rule enforcers – are the new rule breakers on the road. An alarming 37 percent of parents admit they do not enforce punishments when their teen breaks a rule – including the law, such as texting while driving. Why aren’t there consequences? More than a […]

Changing the Way We Think About Distracted Driving to Save Lives founder Joel Feldman was the keynote speaker at Polk County, Florida’ Distracted Driving Forum on June 14, 2018. Joel spoke about how we need to do more than just present texting and driving statistics if we expect people to change driving behaviors. Joel said “ Many people drive distracted and most have not yet […]

Pedestrian and Bicycle Crashes

We founded after our daughter Casey was killed by a distracted driver. She was a pedestrian crossing the street in a crosswalk with stop signs during daylight hours. She was nearly at the other side when the driver, who was reaching for something and looking away from the road, hit her with his car. […]

New Video: Just Ask to End Distracted Driving

The statistics about distracted driving are alarming. About 10 of us die in the U.S. each day, and more than 1,000 people are injured in vehicle crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver. Of all the collisions on all the roads in the country, 10 percent of fatal crashes, 15 percent of injury […] founder Joel Feldman featured in Mediaplanet’s 2017 Teen Health & Safety Campaign

Mediaplanet gathered a number of teen experts and asked for their views on keeping teens safe. These are some of Joel Feldman’s comments about communicating with teens to instill a culture of health and safety: What is the biggest misconception of teenagers today? Adults unjustly malign teens, often referring to them as “selfish and entitled.” […]

Joel Feldman Featured on CBS This Morning

Are high-tech dashboards the new culprit in distracted driving? CBS NEWS November 16, 2017, 7:47 AM A just-released study looks at how new in-car technology is taking our eyes off the road. Consumer Reports focuses on vehicle “infotainment systems,” including touch screens and controllers on the dashboard. Acura, Cadillac, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Volvo are all […] Founder Works With Horace Mann Insurance Company to Keep Illinois Students Safe

Working with Horace Mann Insurance Company Joel Feldman spoke at three Springfield, IL high schools today. See local television coverage: Joel Feldman’s campaign against distracted driving with Joey McLaughlin talks with Joel Feldman with about how a distracted driver killed his daughter, and how he created to help end distracted driving. Local […]

We Have Breathalyzers To Help Fight Drunk Driving, Should We Have the Textalyzer to Fight Distracted Driving?

New York state is currently considering arming police with the textalyzer, a device that would allow police officers, after a crash, to download information allowing them to see what the driver was doing with his or her smartphone immediately before the crash. There is no doubt that allowing police to do so would be a […]