Take Action To Improve Road Safety

Time to Look Up

Educators are creative in how they follow-up with students after the distracted driving presentations. One teacher from teacher from Essex High School sent us notes and stories from students who attended the presentation and wanted to share some of what they learned. Below is one story which stood out demonstrating what the students are learning. […]

Distracted Walking – An Issue for All, Particularly Teens


  While distracted driving, particularly involving cell phone use, has become a nationwide if not international issue, distracted walking has received less focus. Yet we know that with the number of people driving distracted today, it is all the more important that pedestrians exercise the utmost of safety while walking and especially when crossing streets. […]

Drowsy Driving: 1 in 25 Fall Asleep at the Wheel According to CDC Report


In the largest study of its kind to date, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report last month revealing that 4.2% of drivers reported falling asleep at the wheel within the previous 30 days.

Educate New Drivers So They Never Begin To Drive Distracted


Lela Jacobson, PhD Behavioral Scientist Center for Injury Research and Prevention The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia In addition to encouraging and persuading current drivers to stop driving while distracted, another important window of opportunity to end distracted driving is to educate learner drivers so that they never begin to drive distracted.

Teen Safety: Research, Action, Impact


The Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP) is dedicated to advancing the safety and health of children, adolescents, and young adults through comprehensive research resulting in practical tools to reduce injury and promote recovery.

Parents: Get involved with your teen drivers


Dear parents Even though your teenage sons and daughters try to ignore what you say—they still appreciate your guidance. If you lead by good examples, they will follow. Your parenting style can greatly influence as to whether or not your child avoids or takes part in risky behaviors.

Responsible Teen Drivers Wanted

Is that you? What defines a responsible teen driver vs. an irresponsible teen driver? Is teen driver an oxymoron? We don’t think so. We think teens can be just as responsible and just as concerned (or maybe more concerned) about safety as their adult counterparts.

Twelve Simple Steps We Can Take For Safer Driving

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation,, and 60 For Safety have coordinated efforts to develop a program for high school students that will be used by 850 speakers, presenting to 25,000 students across North America in April and May. One part of the presentation is to describe the […]

Boys vs. Girls: The Distracted Driving Wars

AAA recently conducted its first in-car camera video study to measure the driving habits of young drivers.   The study, Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Drivers, reveals that teenager girls are more distracted while driving than their male counterparts.   

Using technology to combat distracted driving


Last year, T-Mobile announced an optional new service that would automatically disable alerts and send all calls to voicemail if a cell phone is in a moving car. At that time, we expected other carriers would follow with similar innovations. Surprise! Many other technology companies have moved into this area over the last 12 months […]