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Clifton B. Gibbs, 23 – TN

On Feb.1, 2012, Clifton B. Gibbs and his passenger were driving northbound in the curb lane on Hwy 55 in Memphis, TN. A 24 year-old traveling  in the center of three southbound lanes crossed over into the northbound lanes, crashing into Clifton’s car head-on at approximately 75 mph. The impact spun Clifton’s car counterclockwise and


Wayne State University Researchers Study Decline in Driving Performance While Texting Based on Age

We all know that texting while driving is dangerous, something that was certainly confirmed again in a recent study by Wayne State University Researchers. Using a driving simulator, lane excursions while texting were measured (middle of the car departing  from driving lane into opposing lane of travel or onto the shoulder). Roughly 50% of the


NHTSA Pilot Program Effective in Reducing Distracted Driving

  Strong laws, visible enforcement and education dramatically reduce cell phone use and texting in NHTSA Pilot Program. U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray La Hood announced that pilot studies in Syracuse, New York and Hartford, Connecticut aimed at reducing cell phone use and texting by drivers were remarkably successful. ”These findings show that strong laws,