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“Springfield students hear dangers of distracted driving”

Published in The Delaware County News Network, Wednesday, February 25, 2015 – By Susan L. Serbin, Correspondent – Joel Feldman has given presentations on the dangers of distracted driving in the United States and Canada. He has spoken to nearly a quarter of a million youngsters and parents. But he admitted (privately), the talk at Springfield High School was more difficult than others. Springfield was the alma mater of his daughter Casey [….]


Parents – Don’t buy your teen a cheap old car

Per mile driven, the rate of serious vehicle crashes, including fatal ones, involving teens remains tragically high — about three times higher than that for adults. Parents can help to avoid heartbreak by considering safety when choosing a vehicle for their teen. Consider the recent study which compiled relevant data regarding teen fatalities and vehicles


Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Distracted – Inspirational Teens and the NOYS 2014 Summit

Safety advocates regularly speak about the “epidemic of distracted driving” and the need to change our driving culture. Many blame teens for the epidemic, suggesting that their need to be connected has caused distracted driving crashes to rise. After attending the NOYS Distracted Driving Prevention Summit I am more optimistic than ever that it is our