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“Springfield students hear dangers of distracted driving”

Published in The Delaware County News Network, Wednesday, February 25, 2015 – By Susan L. Serbin, Correspondent – Joel Feldman has given presentations on the dangers of distracted driving in the United States and Canada. He has spoken to nearly a quarter of a million youngsters and parents. But he admitted (privately), the talk at Springfield High School was more difficult than others. Springfield was the alma mater of his daughter Casey [….]


What is your child’s favorite color?

My daughter Casey’s favorite color was pink. She was killed by a distracted driver and I wear a pink wristband to remember and honor her. I also wear wristbands to remember other children killed by distracted driving.  For three years I have traveled across the country speaking to teens and adults, at schools, work places,


Would you describe yourself as selfish? – Shady Side Academy

News article by Katharine Vavpetic, Shady Side Academy, Nov. 24, 2014 – Would you describe yourself as selfish? Would you describe your children that way? Likely not…. Joel Feldman, founder of End Distracted Driving, spoke with parents last Tuesday evening and students last Wednesday morning about the dangers of distracted driving. In his compelling presentation [….]


University of Michigan Study – 90% of Parents Drive Distracted With Children in the Car

May is Global Youth Traffic Safety Month, a month designated to bring awareness to the fact that traffic accidents are the number 1 killer of teens and to get teens involved in the solution. We at know that distracted driving is not just a teen issue. We ask teens, as part of our presentation,


Distracted Driving-Teens whose parents drive distracted are 2 to 4 times as likely to also drive distracted*’s newest PSA targets parents and implores parents to model safe driving. Our children learn from us—our good habits and our bad. It’s not enough to tell our children how to drive we must show them.   Be the driver you want your child to be. For more suggestions for what parents, teens and businesses