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Distracted Driving Featured on PHL17 Morning News

Delco Father Striving to End Distracted Driving   Once a distracted driver himself, Joel Feldman now travels the country trying to change the way people drive. In 2009 Feldman lost his 21-year-old daughter, Casey. She was an aspiring journalist, getting ready to head into her senior year of college, but Casey’s life was cut short


Become the Distracted Driving Lawyer in Your Community

Always remember, whatever life throws at us, it’s important that you work to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Below, you will find some of the latest information about End Distracted Driving (EndDD.org), how you can save lives, and the latest in distracted driving litigation. I hope you enjoy our first newsletter. Sincerely, Distracted


Joel Feldman Featured on CBS This Morning

Are high-tech dashboards the new culprit in distracted driving? CBS NEWS November 16, 2017, 7:47 AM A just-released study looks at how new in-car technology is taking our eyes off the road. Consumer Reports focuses on vehicle “infotainment systems,” including touch screens and controllers on the dashboard. Acura, Cadillac, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Volvo are all


EndDD.org Founder Works With Horace Mann Insurance Company to Keep Illinois Students Safe

Working with Horace Mann Insurance Company Joel Feldman spoke at three Springfield, IL high schools today. See local television coverage: Joel Feldman’s campaign against distracted driving with endDD.org Joey McLaughlin talks with Joel Feldman with endDD.org about how a distracted driver killed his daughter, and how he created endDD.org to help end distracted driving. Local