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Casey Feldman Foundation Sponsored NOYS Youth – Turn It Around Awards

The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation, in cooperation with the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS) and the National Highway Transportation Association (NHTSA) has participated in sponsoring a program that offers prizes to organizations on behalf of youths that submit projects which turn a tragedy into an opportunity for positive change. If you started a project


The Last Text: Distracted to Death

In this video, a young woman has texted her sister whom she knows is driving when she sends the text–and the sister who is driving looks away from the road to read her text message resulting in a fatal crash. This video, as part of endDD’s Student Awareness Initiative, encourages participants to consider waiting to call or text someone they know is driving.


Glee Star Teaches Text Ed

Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester the over the top cheerleading coach you love to hate on Glee, has released an important new tool in the fight against texting and driving.  Ms. Lynch’s roughly four minute clip achieves the rare balance of infusing humor into a very serious topic while effectively communicating with viewers. The