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Lawyers Need to Do More When Representing Families Whose Loved Ones Have Been Killed by Distracted Driving

Distracted driving deaths are sudden and unexpected. In 2015 more than 10 people died and more than a thousand were injured every day in the U.S. from distracted driving . These are the worst statistics since 2008.   But of course, distracted driving statistics don’t capture how these deaths and life-altering injuries affect families.  Family members


Lawyers Have Responsibility to Exemplify Distraction-Free Driving

“Driving while distracted can be deadly. As lawyers, parents and leaders in our community, we have an obligation to drive safely without being distracted. We are the ones who set the example for others to follow.” Joel Feldman’s article, “Lawyers Have Responsibility to Exemplify Distraction-Free Driving” was featured in The Legal Intelligencer on Friday, August