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Heads-up displays (HUDs) are not an answer to driver distraction

Published in The Legal Examiner, January 29, 2015 by Joel Feldman – As recently reported by Drew Harwell in the Washington Post, “Heads-up technology puts data on car windshields at CES”, heads-up displays, or “HUDs,” are now the rage, with auto manufacturers and tech companies scrambling to provide more and more information to drivers displayed on their windshields [….]


Heads-up technology puts data on car windshields at CES

The Washington Post, By Drew Harwell and Hayley Tsukayama January 6, 2015 – “One of the automotive world’s newest, buzziest upgrades was once offered only for trained jet pilots: heads-up displays, projecting a buffet of colorful information on that once-sacred place of clarity, the car windshield. Touted at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, the icon-rich displays have been installed by carmakers and tech startups as showcases for details on speed, directions, even cellphone notifications like text messages and Facebook alerts….”The manufacturers of these heads-up displays, none of them have said that any of their conclusions or assertions of safety are supported by any scientific evidence’ said Joel Feldman, an attorney and president of End Distracted Driving [….]


Claiming it can make texting and tweeting safe for drivers with its “Heads Up Display”, Navdy ignores the science of cognitive distraction

First it was Google, proclaiming that allowing drivers to wear Google Glass would promote safety. Now San Francisco- based startup, Navdy, claims its Heads Up Display (HUD) would permit drivers to text and tweet safely while driving because the product projects images in the forward visual field of the driver so the driver does not