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Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) Report Highlights State and Local Initiatives to Combat Teen Distracted Driving

The GHSA’s newest report provides the most comprehensive summary of efforts undertaken to date nationwide to combat teen distracted driving. This report highlights teen distracted driving research, the extent of the teen distracted driving problem and summarizes applicable legislative and enforcement efforts. More importantly, it also describes a number of innovative programs from across the country, including, that are showing promise in reducing distracted driving crashes [….]


Governor’s Highway Safety Association Report on Distracted Driving Puzzling and Irresponsible

by Joel D. Feldman The Governor’s Highway Safety Association(GHSA) released its summary of distracted driving research after considering more than 350 scientific papers published between 2000-2011. The results for the most part were not surprising, confirming: distractions play a major role in crashes drivers can be distracted up to half the time they are driving