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Oct Distracted Driving Video Released for Teen Driver Safety Week—“Brothers Don’t Let Brothers Drive Distracted”

Fall has officially begun—leaves are changing color, people are breaking out their winter clothes and teens across the country are gearing up for their upcoming break from school. Many teens and young adults will be spending their time off traveling, either headed back home from college or just simply hanging out with friends. With all


Technically Almost Legal: Driving distractions like these should be avoided—even though they are legal

Chambers said he was inspired by recent laws on texting and driving and wanted to highlight other activities that are equally as dangerous but have not received the same attention. “Technically Almost Legal” is currently being used as part of the Student Awareness Initiative. This video is used to make the point that even if we follow applicable laws (prohibiting texting and hand held cell phone use depending on the jurisdiction) we can still be distracted. And even if something is not illegal it can be dangerous.