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Erie Insurance Survey reveals that passengers have an important role to play in making texting while driving socially unacceptable behavior

Startling findings from a recent survey conducted by Erie Insurance Group, a Fortune 500 Company based in Erie, Pennsylvania, have highlighted that despite the majority of states banning texting while driving, a shocking 27% of Americans still believe that it is considered socially acceptable to do so. Erie Insurance Group is committed to protecting its

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EndDD.Org. Announces Winners of the Casey Feldman Award for Transportation Safety Reporting

EndDD.org, a national organization established to campaign against distracted driving practices, has announced the first annual Casey Feldman  Award for Transportation Safety Reporting.  The award was established by The Casey Feldman Foundation and the journalism department of the University of Colorado Boulder’s College of Media, Communication, and Information. The intention of the award, to be


National Passenger Safety Week

National Passenger Safety Week: “We must speak up as passengers and will be most effective if we do so in a non-confrontational manner.” – Joel Feldman In 2010, Joel Feldman, founder of EndDD, produced a short video in which a deadly traffic accident is avoided because a passenger speaks up.  “Dad,” says the daughter who


The Casey Feldman Foundation/ EndDD.org Announce National Award for Transportation Safety Reporting

The Casey Feldman Foundation/EndDD.org is excited to announce the Casey Feldman Award for Traffic Safety Reporting sponsored in conjunction with the University of Colorado College of Media, Communication and Information. The Award has been created to recognize and honor reporters whose work informs the public about traffic safety. Traffic deaths, including those caused by distracted


Do Not Disturb While Driving Day

1st annual DNDWD Day was October 20, 2022 and is scheduled annually on the 3rd Thursday in October. Distracted driving continues to be a terrible problem on our roads. We are still killing about 3,000 of us each year and injuring another 400,000.  Plus, since distracted driving crashes are vastly underreported, the actual numbers are


Distracted driving Research: Adults are the Problem, Teens are the Solution

​Despite the amplitude of warnings and cautionary billboards across U.S. highways that urge drivers to put down the phone while behind the wheel, a 2017 study found that 95.2% of surveyors who were young drivers participated in distracted driving behaviors. Today, distracted driving continues to pose a major threat to young people, as 16-19 year-olds are 3