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The Landscape of Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is an increasing and deadly problem that presents questions lawyers and courts will need to grapple with. In 2009, Webster’s New World College Dictionary’s “word of the year” was “distracted driving.” The dictionary’s editors noted that “distracted driving is another reflection—and consequence—of our ongoing romance with all things digital and mobile and the […]

Students Will Change the Way We Think About Distracted Driving

video contest

The 2017  SADD “Friends  Don’t Let Friends Drive Distracted” National Video and Meme Contest Traffic fatalities are increasing across the country and crashes caused by distracted driving are increasing faster than those caused by drunk driving, speeding and failing to wear seat belts.  Clearly we need to do something about it now. As a society […]

How Apple Can Prevent Distracted Driving Tragedies

Using our iPhones for calls, texts and apps like FaceTime while driving is obviously dangerous. Still, many people ignore the documented risks and drive distracted. But when drivers using iPhones kill or injure innocent members of the public, should Apple be legally responsible? Two families are arguing the company should undoubtedly be responsible. On Christmas […]

May Your Days be Merry and Bright… and Distraction Free Behind the Wheel co-founder Joel Feldman’s suggestions for keeping safe this holiday season as featured in the Huffington Post This season it seems like there are more devices on the market than ever that bring news, texts, tweets, e-mails, phone calls, and videos directly to us no matter where we are at any given time. Unfortunately, that […]

CEO Mary Powell Promotes Safe Driving Among GMP Employees

Distraced Driving Advocate

When thinking of strong advocates of safe driving, one’s mind does not immediately think of the CEO of a power company. Yet, that is exactly what Mary Powell is. As president and CEO of Vermont’s Green Mountain Power (GMP), Mary has earned many honors for her forward-thinking business model. She was named Powergen’s 2014 Woman […] Distracted Driving Video Released for Teen Driver Safety Week—“Brothers Don’t Let Brothers Drive Distracted” held a teen video contest in honor of National Teen Driver Safety Week that addressed the issue of distracted driving among friends. Ben Cerauli, a sophomore in high school, was chosen as the winner for his video submission that features the story of a little brother who stops his older brother from driving while distracted. In the one minute video, it is the younger sibling that acts as the superhero, speaking up and confronting his older brother of his risky driving habits. The clip reminds us that even those who don’t drive can help keep those we love safe, as long as we are brave enough to speak up and say something.

NHTSA Report Documents An Increase in Highway Fatalities for the First Time Since 2008

    Traffic safety professionals had been hopeful that the steady decrease in highway deaths since 2008 would continue. Those hopes were dashed with the August release of NHTSA ‘s report, 2015 Motor Vehicle Crashes: Overview, revealing that 2015 marked the largest percentage increase in traffic fatalities in 50 years. That increase of 7.2% resulted in deaths climbing […]

EverDrive App is Making Drivers Safer

Make space on your smartphones, folks, there’s a new free app to help you kick distracted driving to the curb — EverDrive. The app, available on iOS and Android phones, automatically measures driving factors like speeding, acceleration, harsh braking and phone use. The app, which went live in April, has nearly 25,000 users and over […]

Servicemen and Servicewomen at Nellis Air Force Base Commit to Reducing Distracted Driving

It was a wonderful experience sharing ideas about safe driving at Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas last week.  Members from the 57th Wing Safety Office arranged for 3 (End Distracted Driving) presentations to a total of about 200 base personnel.  The 57th Wing is the most diverse wing in the USAF and […]

The Snapchat Lawsuit- Why Snapchat and other App Manufacturers Should Change The Designs of Their Apps to Reduce Distracted Driving Tragedies

The recent filing of a lawsuit against Snapchat has sparked incredible media attention and comment. An 18 year-old girl was reportedly using Snachat while driving over 100 mph and seriously injured a man in a crash. Not only was the 18 year old sued, but also Snapchat, the manufacturer of the app she was using […]