Test Your Knowledge about Distracted Driving

Driving Distractions are not limited to cell phone use while driving, either – eating and drinking, talking, grooming, adjusting the radio and other tasks take drivers’ attention away from the road. These unsafe choices are the reasons why distracted driving injures and kills thousands of people every year, and the problem is growing.

How well do you know the facts about distracted driving? What about your family and friends – do they know more than you do? Get ready to test your knowledge about distracted driving statistics, research findings and more with this 17-question quiz. You’ll answer questions involving distraction habits among different age groups as well as the different types of distractions, the truth about hands-free technology, and more. After you answer each question, the quiz will reveal which answer is correct and explain the research behind it.

When you’ve finished, you can share your distracted driving quiz score on social media and ask your friends to take the Quiz to find out what they know and don’t know  about distracted driving so your connections can then answer the questions to find out what they know, too. Who will pass the test?

At the end of the quiz, you can also learn more about becoming part of the solution to end distracted driving. There are lots of ways to get involved and spread the word about safe driving practices, both in your community and online. It’s easy to get started. We’ll share with you some resources to help you be an advocate for your family, friends and others.

When we’re armed with knowledge, we can make better choices for ourselves and help protect our loved ones on the road. Start here by finding out how much you really know about distracted driving with our safe driving quiz. We need you to help us, then you can help EndDD.org spread the word and raise awareness about safe driving.