Ready-to-use distracted driving lesson plans

Distracted driving is a national problem and there are many organizations and governmental entities working to reduce distracted driving crashes.

Traditionally, students learn about distracted driving in high school, at or just before they will get their licenses. End Distracted Driving and Safe Roads Alliance didn’t want to wait until teens are ready to drive to teach them about distracted driving. Working with elementary teachers and experts, we created lesson plans for second- through sixth-grade classrooms. These free, ready-to-use lesson plans include everything teachers need to present to students in the classroom. The program helps parents and educators teach students about the dangers of distracted driving and pedestrian safety. Students are taught to recognize when their drivers are distracted and how to respectfully, using “I” statements, speak up and ask drivers to put their phones down. We need your help in creating a generation of kids who won’t drive distracted when they do get their licenses.

Our “Kids Speaking Up for Road Safety” program is the first of its kind to start teaching children long before they get their licenses about distracted driving and has created substantial interest. Accordingly, we are working with researchers from the U.S. Department of Transportation to evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson plans using confidential anonymous surveys. We are asking for your help in gathering data through anonymous surveys, and in appreciation for doing so, we are offering teachers gift cards, ranging from $50 to $150.

To learn more about the lesson plans here is a link to one of the video animations created for the lesson plans and here is a link to a power point that teachers have been using to give the lesson plans to their students.

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This lesson on distracted driving gave me the tools and guidance I needed to teach my students about this important topic. The lesson teaches a clear strategy students can use to speak up against distracted driving in a positive and respectful way. The lesson is clear, easy to follow, and engaging. I'm so glad that this resource has been created for teachers across a variety of grade levels to use!
4th Grade Teacher

About the Lesson Plans

The lessons aim to teach children about distractions and being distracted, recognizing when someone is driving distracted and empowering them to speak up in distracted driving situations. The goal of these tools is for children to positively influence parent and caregiver driving behaviors and increase the likelihood that they will choose to drive distraction-free when they get behind the wheel.
The 30-45-minute lesson plans are positive and empowering. Through guided discussion and a variety of activities, students explore different types of distractions that occur outside and inside the car. Children will learn about distraction, multi-tasking and non-confrontational communication skills.
The lessons are a complete toolkit for teachers and feature videos narrated by an engaging, animated character. The lesson plans include several ancillary resources including a facilitator’s guide with an advisory letter home to parents, student worksheets, cross-curricular activities appropriate for each grade level, safe driving pledges, and a printable “I” statement reference guide for students.

Here is a link to a PowerPoint that provides an overview of the lesson plans, including the three video/animations, and which teachers have been using, with the lesson plan materials, to give the lessons in classrooms and virtually.