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Writer talks of her father, the crash and distracted driving

My father met me for lunch at Bennigan’s a few weeks before I made the biggest move of my life—to New York City—in the summer of 2003. It was that lunch with him, and one other, in the same restaurant, five days before he died, that I had to hold onto as I made my way in the big city. Because three months after it, he was gone [….]’s First Presentations in New Mexico

Several days after the 6th anniversary of Casey’s death I was pleased to carry our EndDD program into New Mexico. I spoke at CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Sante Fe and also presented at the annual Safer New Mexico Law Enforcement Coordinators Symposium in Albuquerque. I had been thinking about Casey and the day we learned that she […]

5 Things Every Driver Should Have in Their Car

By Guest Author, Lauren Byrd* There are a few items that every driver should keep stocked in their car at all times. Read through these 5 things to make sure you are prepared for anything! Tire Pressure Gauge You never know when you might experience a tire problem or lose pressure in your tires. Checking […]

“That really burns my biscuits!”

  That’s how some teens in Tennessee expressed their anger about other teens who drive distracted.   They worry about their friends but they also are angry that they would take chances while driving-not only for themselves and their passengers but everyone else on the road. I spent two days in Tennessee speaking at 4 different […]

Talking Distracted Driving – From Philadelphia to the Poconos

Two Different High Schools More Than 100 Miles Apart,  But the Same Commitment to Drive Safer     I had a great day last week working with Students Against Destructive  Decisions (SADD)  to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. I started in center-city Philadelphia at West Catholic Preparatory High School and finished at […]

How I learned that my daughter was dead – death notification training

It was gratifying to again participate in the most recent death notification training for law enforcement in suburban Philadelphia where police officers learned about the needs of family members, the best practices for proper death notification and how to care for themselves, since this can be one of the most stressful parts of law enforcement’s job…. I made it clear that it was essential that police officers be truthful, even if the truth was likely to cause family members pain [….]

Vlogging: Just Another Unnecessary Distraction

Everyone knows the dangers of texting while driving. An average text consumes about five seconds of a driver’s attention and at 55 mph, a driver can travel the length of a football field without even looking at the road. But there is less attention paid to the phenomenon of #VloggingWhileDriving which is made ‘easy’ with smartphone applications, like SnapChat. This ‘video blogging’ while driving craze is anything but new. It has been around almost as long as YouTube itself. A simple Google search will show more than 1 million hits of drivers vlogging [….]

AAA Study: Distracted Driving May be Involved in More Teen Crashes Than Previously Thought – 58% Caused by Driver Distraction

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released the results from its most recent distracted driving study and the results are troubling. Quantifying the extent of the distracted driving problem has been difficult. There is no blood test for distracted driving and many folks just don’t admit they were distracted at the time of a crash. […]

Acadia Parish Choices 2015

The Acadia Parish community has been working hard to carry the distracted, drunk and drugged driving awareness issue to teens in high schools in Louisiana through their “Choices” program. This year’s annual 3- day event just concluded this weekend, with the highlight, the filming of a mock crash, the events leading up to it and […]

Lessons learned in the Face of Tragedy

When tragedy strikes, losing a child or contemplating one’s likely untimely death, we are caused to think about life differently… I have been thinking how I have been able, as I continue to mourn the loss of my daughter, Casey, to be grateful for so many things – the 21 years I had with Casey, all those who love me and who I love and my client, for teaching me about how we can choose to look at what we have and not what we have lost. [….]