Videos Distracted Driving Video Released for Teen Driver Safety Week—“Brothers Don’t Let Brothers Drive Distracted” held a teen video contest in honor of National Teen Driver Safety Week that addressed the issue of distracted driving among friends. Ben Cerauli, a sophomore in high school, was chosen as the winner for his video submission that features the story of a little brother who stops his older brother from driving while distracted. In the one minute video, it is the younger sibling that acts as the superhero, speaking up and confronting his older brother of his risky driving habits. The clip reminds us that even those who don’t drive can help keep those we love safe, as long as we are brave enough to speak up and say something.

Volkswagen “Eyes on the Road” PSA – over 18M views in first week

Distracted driving is an issue throughout the globe and China is no exception. Watch this poignant Volkswagen video as see how Hong Kong movie goers are unknowing participants in this clever PSA.

Bridgestone launches annual Teens Drive Smart Video Contest

Bridgestone’s annual Teens Drive Smart Video Contest has been launched for this year. The contest, which is part of Bridgestone’s teen safety education initiatives, is now accepting video entries until June 19. They are encouraging students ages 16-21, to create a short, 25 or 55 second, automotive safety-themed video that encourages their peers to make […]

Somerset County Prosecutor Geoffrey Soriano participating in presentation

Geoffrey Soriano Prosecutor for Somerset County played the role of a parent and distracted driver during an presentation given by Joel Feldman. A local high school student, Abby plays his daughter and practices speaking up for her safety. The role play is used to help adults and teens understand the excuses that given by […]

“From one second to the next” – AT&T’s Newest Anti-Texting Documentary

In a powerful 35 minute documentary, the stories of 4 families devastated by texting crashes are told. “From one second to the next” is AT&T’s latest video documentary in its fight to stop texting while driving. It will be a tremendous asset in the fight to stop texting while driving. AT&T continues to be a […]

Technically Almost Legal: Driving distractions like these should be avoided—even though they are legal

Chambers said he was inspired by recent laws on texting and driving and wanted to highlight other activities that are equally as dangerous but have not received the same attention. “Technically Almost Legal” is currently being used as part of the Student Awareness Initiative. This video is used to make the point that even if we follow applicable laws (prohibiting texting and hand held cell phone use depending on the jurisdiction) we can still be distracted. And even if something is not illegal it can be dangerous.

Faces of Distracted Driving: Casey Feldman, 21

U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood’s blog article of Feb. 22, 2011 reprinted as follows: A father asks: “Listen to Casey’s story, share it, and commit to driving safer” Today, I’m proud to present the first video in our Faces of Distracted Driving series submitted by a member of the public. When I first watched this […]

Release of “Just a Few Seconds” EndDD Video

“I wasn’t texting, I wasn’t using my cell phone, but I still killed someone”, says 17 year old Kate McGuire in the new PSA video produced by Casey’s father, Joel Feldman, now incorporated into the EndDD distracted driving presentation. This is one of the first distracted driving videos which features both the driver and the victim’s family. Kate, a senior in high school, describes how her selfish act killed a 61 year old man who was about to become a grandfather for the first time. Emily, the daughter of the man who was killed talks about how this senseless and preventable crash has affected her and her family.

Play by Play Video Coverage as Distracted Driver Goes to Jail

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) , in collaboration with the Michigan State Police, recently released a new PSA video in its fight to reduce distracted driving injuries and deaths. The video is of a sportscaster doing the play by play of a distracted driver who is spending some time behind bars.

Distracted Driving Program for College Students Being Developed by University of Colorado Students

University of Colorado students are part of a project that will develop a distracted driving program aimed at college students. The CU students are working in conjunction with the Bacchus network, a national leader in college safety programs, with funding provided by the Colorado DOT.