Leah Nicole Sansone, 27 – Pa

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Leah Sansone, of Harrisburg, PA was traveling with her young family to Myrtle Beach, SC for a family vacation.She was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by her fiance’, Brian Donald Kenney. Leah’s vehicle was struck head-on by an 18 year-old young man coming home from senior week at the beach. The 18 year-old was distracted by an argument with his intoxicated occupant who insisted that she wanted to go back to the beach. The driver was using his cell phone trying to get directions back to Myrtle Beach when Leah’s car was struck.

Caiden and Jameson (3)Leah died from injuries suffered in the crash. Her fiance’, Brian Kenney, was seriously injured and was wheelchair bound for an extended period after the crash. Leah’s 2 year-old son, Caiden, suffered two broken collar bones. Fortunately, Leah’s 6 month-old son, Jameson, was not injured.

Leah was a devoted mother who doted on her children. She was a stickler on car seat safety for her boys, credited to be a lifesaving factor for them in the collision.

Leah graduated from Cumberland Valley High School, Mechanicsburg, PA, in 2002.  She proceeded to graduate from Empire Beauty School and became a talented hair stylist.  She worked at the Hair Cuttery until the time of her death.

Leah SansoneCaiden remembers his mommy and talks of her often. At 6 months-old, Jameson has no memory of his mother. He talks about having a mommy and wants to know where she is.

At the time of her death, Leah and her mother, Barb Sayers Ward, were planning Leah’s wedding. Leah was to be married on  September 17, 2011. Leah’s wedding dress hangs in the closet, never worn.