Changing the Way We Think About Distracted Driving to Save Lives founder Joel Feldman was the keynote speaker at Polk County, Florida’ Distracted Driving Forum on June 14, 2018. Joel spoke about how we need to do more than just present texting and driving statistics if we expect people to change driving behaviors. Joel said “ Many people drive distracted and most have not yet been in a crash. Why should we think talking about the risk and dangers of distracted driving will motivate them to change the way they drive ?”

Joel noted that most of us are more afraid of being in a crash caused by a distracted driver than a drunk driver, yet most of us still drive distracted. So how do we get those drivers to put down their smartphones? Maybe instead of focusing on distracted driving facts and statistics, we need to appeal to our values of respect for others, the need to be good role models for our teen drivers and how if we want to be defensive drivers we can’t be distracted drivers.